CattleTrace Symposium Addresses Machine Learning Opportunities to Meet Consumer Demands Through Traceability


By Megan Underwood, Drovers

November 22, 2021


Cattle producers and industry stakeholders from more than 20 states and countries gathered in Wichita,, KS, for the U.S. CattleTrace Annual Symposium Nov. 18-19 to collaborate on advancing the beef industry by addressing the cause of traceability.


U.S. CattleTrace Board Chairman, Brandon Depenbusch began the symposium reminding attendees, U.S. CattleTrace has always been and always will be focused on disease traceability. There are three options to encourage traceability: a government mandate, foreign disease outbreak or through a voluntary movement by producers. U.S. CattleTrace is here to encourage a voluntary movement for traceability led by value creation.


The Symposium began with a presentation about machine learning from Brain McClendon, Co-Founder of Google Earth and a Technology Investor. Producers can utilize cameras with machine learning for forage monitoring and growth predication, and individual animal monitoring on pasture and in the feedlot.


Producers can improve forage through hyper local continuous monitoring of forage growth, soil temperature and moisture, with the hyper local prediction of forage growth and volume. The process will allow for validation of existing grazing practices in place by producers. Producers can utilize machine learning to monitor individual animals through ear tag identification. The cameras will be able to report daily body condition, body weight change, feed intake and a daily analysis of animal welfare. The cameras will also offer automated illness and lameness detection through behavior analysis and can calculate predicated time to market...