Kroger, Kellogg part of ‘Strikesgiving’ wave


Marcy Kreiter, The Food Institute

Nov 22, 2021


With the pandemic threatening to intrude on a second holiday season and the nation’s workers rethinking what they want out of their jobs and careers, labor unrest has been sweeping through U.S. companies of late. The food industry is particularly touchy.


During the summer, the United Food & Commercial Workers Local 400 called on major grocery chains to reinstitute hazard pay and impose indoor face mask mandates. Now that cold weather is moving in, locals in several states are threatening walkouts at Kroger, the nation’s largest grocer with some 2,800 stores.


Workers in West Virginia and Texas are poised to walk out. Kroger began accepting applications for replacement workers earlier this month, the Huntington (W.Va.) Herald-Dispatch reported (Nov. 12), after the union rejected the company’s contract proposal for its Mid-Atlantic Division. Both sides still are talking, and no deadline has been set for a walkout, though a strike authorization has been approved.


“The company is taking the precautionary measure of accepting applications for replacement workers in the event the union chooses to strike,” Kroger corporate affairs manager Allison McGee told the Herald-Dispatch, adding the company is committed to reaching an agreement.


During the summer, Kroger averted a strike...


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