Subway Japan releases its “heaviest sub in history”

But is the Wild Clubhouse truly as wild as they say it is?


Oona McGee, SoraNews24 (Japan)

Nov 21, 2021


Subway is famous for its healthy food options, but now that customers are craving wholesome, filling meals over winter, the sandwich chain has come up with a wholesome idea to fill those bellies: the heaviest sub in history.


This is a pretty wild claim, seeing as overseas branches of the chain have broken all the rules with giant six-foot-long subs before, but outside of those monstrosities, the Wild Clubhouse is said to be punching in a heavyweight class that outdoes all the other subs on the menu in Japan.


Our reporter K. Masami was keen to put this claim to the test, purchasing the sub and lining it up with a regular sub to see if there were any major differences in appearance.


Going purely on appearances, the Wild Clubhouse didn’t look that much larger than the regular sub, and it didn’t feel a lot heavier either. Plus, it only contained 412 kilocalories, which is considerably less than some of the other options on the menu like the Pizza Basil Tomato Chicken...


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