'I waited 35 years to try it again' - Popeyes' first UK restaurant has Londoners queuing for '2-3 hours'

Popeyes' mouthwatering chicken has the whole of London buzzing


By Rory Bennett, MyLondon News (UK)

22 Nov 2021


Popeyes is a well known and beloved Southern American chicken restaurant that has taken the US by storm since its founding in 1972.


Despite having over 300 stores outside the US or Canada it wasn’t until last weekend that UK customers got the opportunity to taste its famous chicken.


The shop opened in Westfield shopping centre on Saturday to much fanfare and massive queues as hungry Londoners lined up to be some of the first people in the country to try Popeyes’ famous chicken.


Some people were so desperate to get their hands on the Louisiana style cuisine that hundreds of people waited hours to get their order with the shop running out of their famous American biscuits (similar to a savoury scone).


Reviews of the restaurant were heartfelt with Geoffrey Wingate writing: