NFU president discusses anti-consolidation campaign


By Amie Simpson, Brownfield

November 22, 2021


National Farmers Union has launched a nationwide campaign called Fairness for Farmers.


President Rob Larew says Fairness for Farmers is centered around ďan issue that all farmers and ranchers are facing right now and thatís related to everything from the lack of competition in cattle markets, right to repair issues, and really anticompetitive behavior. Itís about restoring fairness and giving farmers and ranchers a fair shake.Ē


He tells Brownfield there needs to be stronger enforcement of antitrust laws and breaking up of corporate monopolies.


ďFor example, when you look at row crop growers, the fact that input costs are so dominated by just a handful of players and when you look at fertilizer prices itís basically a monopoly in some cases and we know what those prices are doing,Ē he says...


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