… how many livestock producers will survive the winter...



Manitoba producers are in a bind, farmers need moisture, cattle need to be shipped


Josh Aldrich, Winnipeg Sun (Canada)

Nov 22, 2021 


Manitoba producers need more snow this winter to salvage next year.


And by more snow Keystone Agricultural Producers president Bill Campbell says they need about double the normal dumping Manitoba sees in a normal winter.


“We need twice the normal precipitation to achieve anything close to normal moisture levels in the soil,” he said. “There’s going to be requirements for above-average snowfall and above-average spring rainfall.”


The drought of the last two years has been hard on producers…


… One of the big question marks, however, is how many livestock producers will survive the winter.


Tyler Fulton, president of the Manitoba Beef Producers, said the rain bought many producers time by restoring pasture land for the late summer and fall, but many have big questions looming.


He said some have already begun to sell off breeding stock while others are still trying to source winter feed. In the end, they may still be forced to sell their breeding stock....