European Commission authorizes migratory locust for human consumption


Food Safety News by Marler Clark

November 22, 2021


The European Commission has authorized Locusta migratoria (migratory locust) as a novel food to be placed on the market.


This is the second authorization of an insect as a novel food — the first being dried yellow mealworms, which was adopted in July.


The term “migratory locust” refers to the adult Locusta migratoria, an insect species that belongs to the Acrididae family. It will be available in the form of frozen, dried and powder and is intended to be marketed as a snack or a food ingredient in a number of food products.


This authorization comes after a scientific assessment by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) which concluded that migratory locust is safe under the uses submitted by the applicant company.


Novel foods can only be authorized if they do not pose any risk to human health, otherwise the approval would not have been submitted by the Commission to the Member States.


EFSA concluded that the consumption of the migratory locust may potentially lead to allergic reactions...