Denmark Plans To Spend $195 Million To Boost Plant-Based Foods. Can It Do So While Remaining A Top Pork Producer?


Daniela De Lorenzo, Contributor, Forbes

Nov 22, 2021


The Danish government has approved a climate agreement that includes the largest investment in plant-based research and development in the European Union in an effort to reduce emissions from the country’s food systems.


The country will make $90 million available for five years to farmers who produce plant-based foods, and committed to creating an annual fund of $11.7 million until 2030 to support the transition to plant-based food.


Animal products such as dairy count for 82% of food’s carbon footprint in the EU Shifting to plant-based food diets is recognized as the single most effective action in order to curb greenhouse gas emissions down.


The announcement marks the government’s latest attempt to fast forward a nationwide dietary shift. Earlier in 2021, the Ministry of Environment released the country’s new dietary guidelines, encouraging people to reducing their meat consumption and eat more plant-based foods.


The sales value of plant-based food in Denmark increased by $8 million from 2018 to 2020, yet, pork meat features heavily in Danish cuisine, and changing consumers’ behaviors requires new ways to engage them in eating protein alternatives...


Money to big firms and universities ... 


Millions of pigs ...  


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