Farmers optimistic despite rising costs

Some growers have stocked up on inputs, while others are waiting to see if prices come down.


Chris Torres, Jennifer Kiel, Deborah Jeanne Sergeant, American Agriculturist

Nov 22, 2021


How was this past year on the farm, and what plans do you have for 2022?


Itís time to start taking stock and planning ahead, and thereís a lot to think about as we turn the calendar to a new year.


We surveyed several farmers in the region and asked them four questions:


         What things went well for you in 2021?

         What are some new things that you plan on doing in 2022?

         How are the current issues around fertilizer availability and pricing affecting your decision-making?

         As 2022 approaches, what is your outlook? Are you pessimistic, optimistic or somewhere in between?


Hereís what we found:


Pennsylvania perspective ...


Michigan musings ...††


Ohio checking in ...


Empire State happenings ...