Why the World’s Largest Beef Company Is Launching Vegan Chicken

Brazil’s JBS is getting into vegan chicken with the launch of cutlets and shreds made to mimic animal meat.


by Anna Starostinetskaya, VegNews

November 22, 2021


JBS, the world’s largest producer of animal meat, is launching realistic vegan chicken under its Colorado-based Planterra brand. The new OZO vegan chicken will come in shreds and cutlet varieties and are made with the brand’s True Bite chicken, a high-protein vegan chicken made from an exclusive blend of pea and rice protein fermented by shiitake mushrooms with a taste and texture that mimics its animal counterpart.


“As time goes on, the demand for protein will only continue to increase and the world won’t be able to satisfy that demand with meat-based products alone,” Planterra CEO Darcey Macken said in a statement. “With chicken being the most popular protein in the United States, it was clear we needed to create a plant-based option where people don’t have to sacrifice this mealtime favorite and have a more sustainable option. Planterra is always aiming to provide delicious, sustainable solutions that are good for people and the planet, and our True Bite Chicken Cutlets and Shreds will do just that.”


Planterra’s vegan chicken products will be available in four flavors: Garlic & Herb Cutlet, Sea Salt & Pepper Cutlet, BBQ Shreds, and Rotisserie-style Shreds and will hit the fresh meat aisles of grocery stores nationwide in early 2022.


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