Cow Feed That Cleans Potent Methane Burps Nears Europe Rollout


·         EU watchdog says DSM’s feed additive is safe for dairy cows

·         Bovaer can cut dairy cows’ methane emissions by about 30%


By Aine Quinn, Bloomberg

November 19, 2021


A feed additive that cuts methane burped out by cows -- a major contributor to agricultural emissions -- moved a step closer to being sold in Europe.


The European Union’s food watchdog said Dutch nutrition company Royal DSM NV’s Bovaer product is safe and effective for dairy cattle. It wasn’t asked to decide on safe levels for other categories such as beef. Europe is the world’s second-largest milk producer, and Bovaer has already been approved for beef and dairy cows as well as sheep and goats in Chile and beef giant Brazil.


The farming sector is facing more pressure to become greener as governments and investors focus on curbing global warming, and tackling methane emissions is one of the most critical climate challenges for the agriculture industry. Solutions also being pursued by companies and researchers include other supplements, cow masks and breeding “climate-smart” cattle.


Beef and dairy cattle account for about two-thirds of greenhouse gas emissions from livestock, according to the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization. Bovaer can cut methane emissions from dairy cows by about 30%, a Royal DSM spokesperson said...


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