Lab-grown meatís commercial future

New Food interviews the CEO of Matrix Meats to find out why Singapore is so ahead in the lab-grown meat game and how long it will take others to catch upÖ


New Food Magazine (UK)

19 November 2021


Last year, Singapore made headlines as it became the first country in the world to commercially approve lab-grown meat.


The company behind the approved cultured chicken, Eat Just, says it demonstrated the safety of its manufacturing process by running more than 20 production runs in 1,200-liter bioreactors. The company added that no antibiotics are used in this proprietary process and safety and quality validations demonstrated that harvested cultured chicken met the standards of poultry meat, with extremely low and significantly cleaner microbiological content than conventional chicken.


We sat down with another US-based cultured meat company, Matrix Meats, in an interview with its CEO, to hear his views and find out why Singapore is so ahead and what exactly is preventing authorities in the US from giving the green light.


Q: What are the current limitations of lab grown meat?


A: The three key areas for improvement for cultivated meat production are product characteristics, production costs and regulation.


First, cultivated meat should ideally have the taste and texture of slaughtered meat. The industry is still perfecting the right texture, tenderness, marbling amount and distribution, among other characteristics.


Second, although price is a current barrier to market uptake of cultured meat, the Good Food Institute (GFI) estimates that cultured meat will reach price parity with slaughtered meat once industrial production is achieved at scale. Matrix Meats is a key player in driving down price through our scaffoldings which allows cultured meat companies to scale their production and potentially reduce some of their highest inputs costs, such as cell growth media.


Thirdly, cultured meat is currently not regulated in the US. Industry leaders estimate approximately 12-18 more months for full FDA approval. The US government has made significant investments in the development of cultured meat products through National Science Foundation grant funding, and currently cultured meat approval is in an initial public comment period under the FDA/USDA.


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