Despite the pressure, Brazil did not trust the US beef ban


Alvin Dean, The Catholic Transcript

November 19, 2021


The Brazilian government considers it impossible to stop the United States from importing fresh beef from Brazil, despite pressure from US producers.


This assessment has been discussed by sources close to the US government CNN Brazil, This is an internal issue, the chances of success are low at this time.


The increase in meat purchases from other countries will harass local producers. Then China’s ban on beef in Brazil lasted more than two months, NCBA (National Cattlemen’s Beef Association), a leading US beef producer, has demanded a suspension from the US Department of Agriculture.


In a general note, the argument used by the producer system is, given Mad cow cases have been reported in Brazil, It is necessary to reconsider the safety of health practices adopted by the Brazilian government.


“It is time to exclude Brazilian fresh meat from this country until the Department of Agriculture confirms that Brazil meets the same consumption and food safety standards that we apply to all of our trading partners,” said Ethan Lane, vice president of the company. An official note.


Despite the request of the US company, the Brazilian government has not yet been prosecuted by the United States. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, suspending Brazilian meat at this time is not possible by increasing imports of produce by the US government.


The Ministry states that it complies with all sanitary measures and regulations required for meat imports. As of September this year, the United States was the second largest importer of Brazilian beef, after China, according to data from Abrafrigo (Brazilian Association of Refrigerators). The world’s largest buyer.


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