Spanish countryside rises up against 'pig factories'

'Stop macrofarms': protesters are demanding an end to intensive factory-farming of pigs in Spain


Author: AFP

via RTL (Luxembourg) - 18.11.2021


"That's not a farm, it's a factory... a pig factory," says Antonio Escribano as he stares at a huge metal frame in the middle of a field in Spain.


The 58-year-old local winemaker has for months been battling the planned opening of a large pig farm that will breed almost 40,000 piglets a year from 2,200 sows less than three kilometres (1.9 miles) from his town of Quintanar del Rey, in the central province of Cuenca.


Locals fear the pollution from pig manure, bad smells and flies, which they say the project will bring, and have staged regular protests against it.


The farm is just 350 metres (1,200 feet) from the wells that provide the town of around 7,000 residents with fresh water.


"If the water gets polluted, the village will be ruined," says Escribano, who speaks with a gravelly voice and has salt and pepper hair.


"People will leave as has happened in other villages and Quintanar will become a ghost village."


In response to the protests, local authorities have suspended work on the farm while they re-evaluate the project's environmental impact.


Some locals are pushing for the project by Spanish firm Jisap, which already owns 480 pig farms in Spain, to be shuttered for good.


"We must put an end to mega-farms," says Paciencia Talaya of the "Stop Mega-farms" group, which has led opposition to the project.


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