SDSGA And OCM Wants DOJ Antitrust Head To Go After Large Meat Processors


Radio 570 WNAX (SD)

Nov 18, 2021


The U.S. Senate has approved the confirmation of President Joe Bidenís choice to head up the Anti Trust Division at the U.S. Justice Department. Nominee Jonathan Kanter was approved on a 68 to 29 vote. Thatís the key position many cattle groups are hoping will protect their rights and go after the 4 Big Meat Packers. South Dakota Stock Growerís Association and Organization for Competitive Markets President Vaughn Meyer is pleased the Senate made the confirmation and is hopeful those laws are vigorously enforced.


He says the concentration problem caused by the BIG 4 controlling the Meat Packing Industry was just the start of increased corporate control over all aspects of American business.


Meyer says the false message consumers get is that as businesses enlarge, thatíll be helpful to buyers when the reverse is actually the case...


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