NCBA's Ethan Lane on The Cattle Price Discovery and Transparency Act


Oklahoma Farm Report

18 Nov 2021


The Cattle Price Discovery and Transparency Act is a compromise of Price Discovery bills that have been filed by Senators Chuck Grassley of Iowa and Deb Fischer of Nebraska. Their goal is to return fairness to the cattle marketplace dominated by four major meatpackers by way of trade mandates and supplying more information to cattle producers.


Ethan Lane, vice president of Government Affairs for the NCBA, told Ron Hays, senior director for Radio Oklahoma Ag Network, that the NCBA has the policy to support aspects of this bill like the cattle contract library, but do not have the policy to support a government mandate on how producers market their cattle.


“As we have gone through this debate, we still have states that are very much in favor of government intervention and states that are very much opposed to government intervention,” Lane said. “This bill is interesting to me because it seems to be a real departure, specifically for Senator Grassley, from his sort of purist push for cash trade over the last couple of decades.”


Historically, Grassley has pushed for 50% mandated cash trade. According to Lane, the newly proposed bill puts a cap on the highest level on minimum trade that could be established by the USDA secretary in a region based on and tied to the lowest trade in any one region. Meaning, based on low cash-trade numbers in states like Colorado and Texas, states like Iowa would have to only mandate cash trade in about 30% of their total sales.


“That is a dramatic departure of where Senator Grassley has been on this (issue),” Lane said...


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