German farm to slaughter 4000 pigs after swine fever case


By WIC News

18 November 2021


Berlin: A pig farm in northern Germany began killing all 4,000 of its animals on Wednesday. The farm took this step after a case of African Swine Fever was reported.


This swine fever case has been reported at a swine farm near Guestro, about 185 km northwest of Berlin. Last year, such cases were first reported in wild boars in Germany. African swine fever is usually fatal to pigs but does not affect humans. It has spread to several European countries, affecting wild boars and farm pigs.


African swine fever has expanded to several European nations, affecting wild boars and nursery pigs. Let us describe to you that African Swine Fever is deadly for pigs, and its impact has been seen in many nations of the world. Talking about highly populated countries like India, more than 13 thousand pigs died in May last year due to African Swine Fever infection in the state Assam. After the incidents of swine fever began to light, the livelihood of numbers of people engaged in animal husbandry in the country was concerned.


German peasants had been dreading the appearance of this swine fever because of the repercussions it would have on the pork production, particularly profitable exports to Asia. Denmark, another significant pork exporter, lately stepped up actions to restrict African swine fever from entering the nation from neighbouring Germany...


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