Faster Line Speeds at NSIS Pork Plants: Huge Deal for Producers


By Jennifer Shike, FarmJournal's Pork

November 17, 2021


For decades, five U.S. pork plants have been operating at higher line speeds safely producing pork products. Losing 2.5% of U.S. packing capacity this summer because of a procedural issue has created many challenges for the pork supply chain.


USDA's recent decision to allow the nine plants that adopted the 2019 New Swine Inspection System (NSIS) to apply for a one-year trial program to use faster line speeds has garnered a lot of praise from the National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) and the industry as a whole.


“Now it's open to all nine plants that are in the NSIS program at this time, and not every plant may be able to do it based on where they are and the number of employees or hogs in the area. But if it's just those six that go back up, we could recover everything that we lost in July, which would be huge,” Andrew Bailey, NPPC science and technology legal counsel, told AgriTalk’s Chip Flory on Tuesday.


In the midst of tight packing supply and tight harvest capacity, Bailey said this could be the immediate-term help the industry needs now.


“USDA taking this action is a big deal,” Bailey said...


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