NCBA's Myriah Johnson Says Cattle Industry Proves Itself as Sustainability Leaders


Oklahoma Farm Report

17 Nov 2021


The cattle industry’s sustainability story has been a decade in the making, starting with the kick of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association’s Sustainability Research program. Myriah Johnson, senior director of beef sustainability research for the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, said in the beginning, the program focused on environmental sustainability. Today, the focus has widened to include economic and social sustainability.


New research has found methane, the main atmospheric pollutant produced from raising cattle, is less impactful on global climate change, long-term, than previously thought. The new findings offer relief and opportunity to an approximately 8,000-year-old industry facing modern-day challenges.


“As producers, we know it,” Johnson said. “(Now, we have) the research and data to be able to prove that cattle are good for the land.”


Johnson said there are multiple research studies taking place right now by the NCBA. One study is looking at how grazing cattle on public lands can protect communities and infrastructure from wildfire, according to Johnson.


“Cattle can help to reduce that fuel load and be very cost-effective partners in helping to protect those lands,” Johnson said.


She said another study conducted in California...


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