Group housing the future for sows

A special trends report by Roxell analyzes expected changes in sow houses


by Global Ag Media

via The Pig Site - 17 November 2021


Globally, activist groups, political parties, working groups and universities are putting changes in motion to switch from individual pens to group sow housing.


Of the five freedoms set out by the British Animal Welfare Council, freedom to express normal and natural behavior is gaining more attention, said the special market trends report by Roxell.


The natural behavior of sows is stimulated by keeping them in a group. That is why in 2013 the EU made it mandatory to keep gestating sows in group housing. The same change is now being proposed for farrowing and insemination pens as well. This will have a huge impact on the sow housing of tomorrow, said the farm equipment company.


The EU aims to impose a ban on keeping poultry, pigs, calves and rabbits in cages in 2027. The specifics of the new legislation and the length of the transition period are still up for discussion.


Outside of Europe, large retailers and food businesses are also committing to improving animal welfare. This is in response to societal and consumer pressure.


In Brazil, major retailer Carrefour Brazil expects its suppliers to move gestating sows into group housing after 28 days.


In Thailand Charoen Pokphand Foods (CPF)...


In the US, Tyson Foods... 


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