California Pork Producers Association Announces Jill Damskey as First-Ever Pork Ambassador to California

With Prop 12 going into effect, the association taps a first-ever leader to represent the national pork market


by Lilian Diep, Deli Market News

Nov 16, 2021 


SACRAMENTO, CA / A new Ambassador position has been created here in California, and the industry over will be benefitting soon as Proposition 12 goes into effect in the new year. California Pork Producers Association has selected its first-ever Pork Ambassador, tapping Jill Damskey in its effort to educate farmers, consumers, restaurants, and grocers about pork raised in the U.S. and sold in California.


“California is an important market for U.S.-raised pork,” commented Damskey on her position and plans for the newly incorporated role. “We consume more pork than any other state in the nation. California pork lovers include a wide diversity of people and cultures who care about how their food is produced.”


Damskey’s task is expected to be challenging as new laws approved by California voters in 2018 go into effect beginning in January of 2022. Proposition 12, also known as Prevention of Cruelty to Farm Animals, requires pork producers to enlarge some of their housing for pigs. The California mandates apply to pigs raised both within and outside the state.


One complicating factor is that the final regulations are not yet approved, and U.S. pork producers have been reluctant to make changes until they know exactly what is required. A recent economic analysis by Rabobank, estimated four percent of U.S. pork producers are currently able to meet expected new requirements and very few more will be able to do so by January...