In America's Heartland, You Cannot Beat Nebraska Cattle Prices Says Derrell Peel


Oklahoma Farm Report 

17 Nov 2021


Data is gathered for research in many ways, from surveys, social media and through good, old-fashioned observation. For the past few weeks, Derrell Peel, a livestock marketing specialist at Oklahoma State University, has been traveling around the U.S. looking at feeder cattle markets. Today, he shares his findings.


“It has been a fascinating last two weeks,” Peel said. “This is part of a bigger project that we are working on, but it has given me the opportunity in the last two weeks to sit at sales.”


Peel said it is normal to visit sale barns this time of year to collect data relative to the Oklahoma Quality Beef Network, documenting the value of preconditioned and value-added programs. This year, the project has expanded a bit, he added.


“We have expanded that this year as part of a broader project,” Peel said. “I have collected data at auctions in Kansas, Nebraska and up in South Dakota as well.”


He said casting a wider net for data has reminded him of the regional differences in the U.S. cattle industry.


“You really start to see and appreciate some of the differences in the cattle industry from south to north,” Peel said. “The type of cattle is different, the way the industry works is a little bit different. Across the board, we are seeing very strong markets.”


According to Peel, feeder cattle markets are moving counter-seasonally higher...


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