Popeyes Will Soon Be Selling Its First-Ever Vegan Sandwich Here

The new burger is debuting on November 20 in Europe.


By Owen Duff, Eat This, Not That! 

November 16, 2021


Popeyes, the home of the "war"-starting Chicken Sandwich, is expanding in a new direction—both geographically and culinarily. After just recently announcing the opening of its first restaurant in the U.K., the chain is also adding a unique new item to its menu there: a first-ever vegan burger.


The Cajun Red Bean Burger will include a breaded and fried red bean patty dressed with Creole sauce and served with lettuce and tomato on a brioche bun. The vegan patty, as Eater has pointed out, is reminiscent of the chain's Red Beans and Rice side dish—a fan favorite in the United States.


"We're excited that our fans in the U.K. get the opportunity to try the new Cajun Red Bean Burger at their local Popeyes," the company said in a statement.


However, if you're hoping to try the new vegan item stateside, here's the caveat: Popeyes currently doesn't have plans to bring the Cajun Red Bean Burger to its U.S. restaurants. But it does seem like the company hasn't completely ruled out the possibility, either. "We are always innovating and exploring ways to expand our menu selection in our home market," the chain said...


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