Pirates are causing global shortage ‘crisis’ – as criminals swoop to disrupt supply chains after Covid, experts warn


The U.S. Sun (UK)

Nov 16 2021


PIRATES and drug cartels could cause global shortages - as a "crisis" begins to unfold, experts have warned.


The pandemic, coupled with driver shortages, are already causing problems with supply chains.


But a new report says criminals are taking advantage of the issues, with stormy waters ahead.


Officials at the British Standards Institution (BSI) told of their concerns in the annual Supply Chain Risk Insights Report.


They said that over the past year, the organisation has seen a "significant number" of criminal organisations masquerading as legitimate warehousing, transport or distribution companies.


In September 2021, a Costa Rican crime gang was caught attempting to smuggle cocaine from a port in the South American country into Donegal, Ireland, disguised in a container of banana pulp.


Elsewhere, police in Ukraine arrested two criminals who posed as licensed cargo carriers and illegally took possession of goods worth over £137,000.


Harold Pradal, chief commercial officer at BSI, said: “Supply chain threats will remain one of the most serious issues global businesses will face in 2022.


“Widespread product shortages and scarcely qualified operators, including lorry-drivers, are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the ongoing global supply chain crisis.




... Meanwhile, Covid has forced up shipping costs between the east and the west - sometimes by more than 650 per cent.




With the increase in shipping prices coupled with congestion and delays surrounding ground transportation, some companies shifted to air routes to ship consumer products.


This shift toward air freight led to an increase in smugglers introducing illegal drugs into air cargo shipments; up from 20 per cent in February to 33.3 per cent in June...