Papa John’s redesigns its logo and stores


By Danielle Wiener-Bronner, CNN Business

via KYMA (AZ) - November 16, 2021 


Papa Johns is the latest restaurant brand to give itself a makeover.


The pizza chain on Tuesday unveiled a number of changes, including a new logo, new advertising and new restaurant designs.


The updated logo ditches the word “pizza” and removes the green border around “Papa John’s.” Instead, it just says “Papa Johns” in block red letters. Gone, too, is the possessive apostrophe after “John.”


Papa Johns previously tweaked its messaging in 2018, when it speedily distanced itself from its controversial founder and former CEO John Schnatter.


But this redesign is not about putting more space between the brand and Schnatter, said Max Wetzel, the company’s chief commercial officer. Instead, the changes are geared toward spotlighting the chain’s ingredients and refreshing the look of the brand and its restaurants, he said.


Advertising and messaging will now use...


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