Tyson Foods, one of the worst places to work, wants to be one of the best


By Michelle Cheng, Quartz

Nov 15, 2021


Tyson Foods has long been scrutinized for its working conditions, but spurred by the pandemic, which has hit the meatpacking industry hard, the company has been making improvements to its jobs.


Tyson now provides child care benefits and wellness programs. Average hourly wages continue to tick up, now at $24, up from $22 in August, along with access to full health benefits, retirement plans, and sick pay. To invest in diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts, the company had hired a chief diversity officer. One of the first big companies to announce a vaccine mandate, the US staff is now fully vaccinated, said Donnie King, Tyson Foods CEO, said today (Nov.15) on a conference call with investors and analysts. Food and agriculture workers face some of the highest risks of getting covid-19.


The company is nearly back to full staff, said King. But Tyson continues to face a tough labor environment that affects its production and King said making Tyson a more desirable place to work is a priority.


“We have to be the most sought after place to work. We’ve done a number of things already to try to do that. You know, it’s the recognition that that the workforce today they have many many options,” King said. “We want to give them a better option.”


In the three months through September, Tyson reported revenue of $12.81 billion, up 12% from the same period last year, due in part to price increases for pork and beef.


Tyson’s poor working condition have made it notorious among advocates for workers...


Workers have more choice in today’s tight US labor market ...


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