Russia considers cancelling pork import duties


Vladislav Vorotnikov, Pig Progress

Nov 15, 2021 


Russia’s authorities are reportedly discussing abolishing import duties on pork and beef to tame the upward price rally on the domestic red meat market.


Russia’s Economy Development Ministry and Agriculture Ministry have preliminary plans to allow duty-free import of 200,000 tonnes of beef in 2022 and 100,000 tonnes of pork in the first half of 2022, the Russian newspaper Vedomosti reported, citing several sources in the government.


Stabilising Russia’s pig prices


“This measure is designed to become part of a complex solution aimed at stabilising the domestic prices for products of social importance,” a source told to the newspaper, adding that the duty-free import would be allowed under the condition that the delivered pork and beef would undergo some processing at the Russian territory before hitting grocery shelves.


Prior to 2020, Russia allowed duty-free pork imports of 430,000 tonnes per year under an agreement with the World Trade Organization (WTO). Last year, the duty-free imports were cancelled, with all imported pork being subjected to a 25% duty. The Russian National Meat Association (NMA) estimated that Russia imported only 3,800 tonnes of pork in 2020, which was the lowest figure ever.


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