How Can U.S. Pork Stand Out in Export Markets?


Oklahoma Farm Report

15 Nov 2021


U.S. pork exports have experienced significant growth since 2010 - increasing more than 50% in volume and 60% in value according to USMEF. A recent study, prepared by the global research firm Gira and directed by NPB using Checkoff funding, details how U.S. pork can differentiate itself beyond being a low-cost and consistent supplier to continue to grow its global market share.


The study, which is part of the NPB's international market development strategy, outlines three crucial areas where U.S. pork can stand out among its competitors in six key markets: Japan, Canada, Mexico, South Korea, China and Hong Kong. The three critical areas include:


· Sustainability

· Quality, Consistency and Service

· Communication


On Target Pork Export Growth Strategy


Our work is focused on continuing the success of pork exports in 2020. The approach we take is to diversify and balance pork exports to build value and minimize risk.


We’re doing that in three ways to grow a diverse set of markets and capitalize on growth across the globe...