Canada: Ontario government invests $7 Million to improve meat processing capacity


The Cattle Site

15 November 2021


The funding will improve food production and safety in Ontario


The governments of Canada and Ontario are committing up to $7 million to rapidly increase processing capacity in meat processing plants across the province. The initiative builds on an earlier $7.2-million investment.


The Meat Processors Capacity Improvement Initiative, through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, will provide up to $150,000 per project for handling and processing equipment that increase efficiency, productivity and food safety.


The supplied funds will also cover consulting and engineering costs associated with planning future projects. The application process opens on 19 November...


... “The lack of sufficient processing capacity in Ontario has been a limiting factor to a healthy competitive market for the province’s beef sector,” said Rob Lipsett, President of Beef Farmers of Ontario.


Ontario Pork also welcomes the support.


“Lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic confirmed that the lack of processing is a bottleneck for our industry and for local food supply," said said John de Bruyn, Chair of Ontario Pork...