Japan, Korea the cornerstone of Aussie beef exports


Shan Goodwin, North Queensland Register (AU)

16 Nov 2021


CHINA'S massive forecasts for demand growth, the United State's unrelenting consumption of burgers and Europe's ability to pay very high per-kilogram rates tend to headline Australian beef export opportunities.


However, the stability of markets like Japan and South Korea is presenting as being of far greater value as Australia continues down the long path of herd rebuilding, short supply and corresponding expensive price tags.


Add in the smoother nature of doing business with these two markets, and the potential to extract additional value from product development, consumer evolution and carcase optimisation and there is a strong argument for investing more here - even if that is at the expense of the more flamboyant markets.


The latest export figures across both volume and value clearly show Japan and South Korea are the markets 'moving in the right direction', according to Mecardo's Jamie Lee Oldfield.


Japan is currently Australia's biggest beef market with more than a quarter share and is also the highest value market...


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