US pig and poultry operations could lose barn monitoring connectivity right now

3G networks are being retired at the latest in 2022 to make way for 5G.


by Sarah Mikesell, The Pig Site

15 November 2021


Pig and poultry producers in the US are new facing challenges with connectivity as cellular providers phase out their 3G networks and upgrade to 5G.


3G will be retired by the biggest mobile carriers in 2022, meaning people with 3G devices will no longer get service. The primary US cellular carriers, AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile, have plans to shift bandwidth resources toward expanding 5G technology.


“For pig and poultry operations, challenges with connectivity are twofold - a lot of producers default to thinking that they can't get connectivity, but there's also another aspect and that's producers who are dependent on landlines and certain cellular networks who are going to face future challenges," said Michael Hansen, co-founder of BarnTools. “What I mean by that is the large mobile carriers are making upgrades to their network, which is going to take old tech like barn alarms and push them off the network. Essentially you will have an alarm system that dies. You won't know it; it won't tell you. These are changes that we're seeing happening now - today.”


On the connectivity front, BarnTools’ system allows them to optimize the way they send data...