Bizarre bacon trend has run its course


Tim Krohn, Mankato Free Press (MN) 

Nov 14, 2021


Of course I like bacon. I’m a guy. I live in the United States.


“Me need bacon,” every guy has said at some point in his best caveman tone.


But it really is time to move past the bacon flavor/scent mania.


Somewhere along the line, bacon became not just a food but a seasoning.


Arby’s just teamed up with a distiller to produce Arby’s Bacon Vodka. Sure, it will draw some chuckles from friends if you have it in your liquor case, but you already know it’s nothing you’d actually want to drink. Don’t buy it. Doing so will only encourage them and others to keep doing this stuff.


Hormel knows people like to wrap bacon around jalapenos and asparagus so they just came out with bacon-scented gift wrapping paper for the holidays.


They’re giving the wrap away in an online contest. Won’t the little ones be excited as they race to the tree on Christmas morning: “Daddy, why does Santa’s present stink like bacon?”


At least Hormel is tying their marketing schtick to a charitable event, giving $1 for every entry, up to $10,000, to the Salvation Army.


The list of bacon scented/flavored stuff is painfully long: