Wild Pigs Are Invading A Canadian National Park & It's Actually A Big Problem

They're one of the world's most invasive animals!


Morgan Leet, Narcity (Canada)

Oct 12, 2021


Although these pigs are super cute, they are also an "ecological disaster" that have now been found in a Canadian national park for the first time.


A study from the University of Saskatchewan found that wild pigs are one of Canada's most invasive species. They came from boars breeding with pigs after escaping their pens in the '90s, leading to them now invading areas throughout Canada.


The biggest risk that these little piggies pose, according to researchers, is their disease transmission that can risk agriculture and livestock production. They also eat just about anything and can weigh up to 250 pounds. So basically, they go around leaving a path of destruction.


Parks Canada spokesperson Janelle Verbruggen told CTV that "public sightings and video sightings provided by landowners confirm that there is at least one sounder (a sow and piglets)" in Elk Island National Park, east of Edmonton...