Supply chain issues hurting Nebraska cattle producer with low prices, no bids


By Kellan Heavican, Brownfield

October 12, 2021


A Northeast Nebraska Cattle producer says supply chain disruptions are still making it difficult to receive competitive bids and prices for cattle.


Steve Ruskamp, who owns a large feedlot near Howells, says events like COVID-19 and the Holcomb, Kansas fire put more cattle into the supply chain then what processors can handle. “That process is so difficult right now it’s even more difficult than it was last spring right at the beginning of the COVID crisis when labor was such a problem for packing plants,” Ruskamp says. “Right now, it’s just as bad.”


Ruskamp tells Brownfield cattle in some pens have been waiting for up to two weeks for Cargill or Greater Omaha Beef to purchase them. “This week I only got half my show list sold.  I have 160 head on the show list and the packer only would buy 80 head.  That’s all he had for orders.”


He says...


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