Mogale Meat Is Building An Antelope Cell BioBank To Bring Cultivated Meat To South Africa


By Sally Ho, Green Queen (HK)

Oct 12, 2021


Based in South Africa, Mogale Meat wants to make sustainable cultivated meat a reality in the country. The startup believes that with its BioBank of more than 500 cell samples from free-roaming antelope and cattle, it could not only make climate-friendly meat available to consumers, but help to solve the regionís ongoing malnutrition and food security problems.


Mogale Meat is on a mission to bring cell-based meat to South Africa, which it believes could solve multiple problems, from sustainability to health and food security. On the environmental front, growing meat directly from cells reduces the need to raise livestock, a carbon-intensive process that uses up huge amounts of land and other resources. In terms of health, a significant portion of South Africaís population is food insecure, with malnutrition and stunted growth still major challenges facing the country.


To make cell-based meat happen, the startup is now building a platform using its library of cell samples from free-roaming livestock and wild antelope native to the region.


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