Whole cuts: The Holy Grail of alt meat? Join us October 13 in part I of FoodNavigator-USA’s Disrupting the meat and dairy case broadcast series


By Elaine Watson, Food Navigator USA



When it comes to meat alternatives, most people tend to think about plant-based or cell-cultured meat (real animal cells grown outside an animal). But fungi, in a less familiar form factor (think foamy slabs of mushroom mycelium instead of dome shaped cups on stalks), also has big potential, especially when it comes to the Holy Grail of alt meat: Whole cuts.


But how ‘meaty’ is mycelium-based bacon or steak, and what kind of new opportunities do they open up in the meat alternatives space? What’s their nutritional profile, and can you fine-tune the solid-state fungi-fueled fermentation process to change the final products' taste, texture or nutrition?


Join us this Wednesday (October 13) for the first installment of FoodNavigator-USA’s ‘Disrupting the Meat and Dairy Case​’ ​​broadcast series, which begins with a fireside chat with Eben Bayer at fungi-fueled startup Atlast Food Co, which is gearing up to open its first large production facility for mycelium-based meat in New York next year.


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