Danish Crown CEO: Red steak will be a luxury product like champagne





In a featured story in the Danish daily Berlingske, Danish Crown Group CEO, Jais Valeur talks about how he expects Danish and European food trends to develop in the coming years.


- It has become clear to me that the way we consume and think about meat is going to change noticeably in the coming years. Climate becomes a "license to produce" in Denmark, says Jais Valeur to Berlingske.


Danish Crown is already well on its way to reach the company goal of reducing the climate impact of the production of pork.


On beef, that challenge is more difficult, and therefore Jais Valeur expects a red steak of veal or beef to be a luxury item in line with e.g. champagne.


- Beef is not going to be very climate friendly. It will be a bit like champagne, namely a luxury product. We will still have a production, but there will be production of beef and veal that comes from dairy cattle, calves and beef cattle that graze in the meadow and create biodiversity. The beef cattle will be a luxury product that we eat on special occasions, " says Jais Valeur to Berlingske.


It is Danish Crowns ambition to...