Local beef producers form co-op to re-open Kimberley beef plant


Jon Condon, BEEF Central (AU)



LOCAL cattle producers have formed a cooperative structure to re-open the Kimberley Meat Co beef processing plant near Broome.


The business, which will operate under the name Kimberley Meat Co-Operative, will start killing cattle early next year.


In May, Kimberley Meat Co announced that it was in discussion with local cattle producers over a shareholding option in the meat plant, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yeeda Pastoral Co. The plant has not operated this year, as Yeeda Cattle Co ‘re-prioritised’ its operations to benefit from the record high cattle prices. Instead of supplying cattle for processing through KMC, Yeeda Pastoral has this year been focused on selling its annual turnoff of sale cattle from its large Brahman and Droughtmaster herds, run across six Kimberley stations, mostly to east-coast producers who are restocking their herds after years of drought.


The company said back in May it would use the temporary shutdown to upgrade the plant, which had been operated for the previous five seasons.


The plant was originally built in 2015 by Yeeda’s Jack Burton.


On Friday, Yeeda Pastoral Co announced...


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