McDonald’s to open ‘greenest’ restaurant in the UK to support zero-emissions pledge

Globally, McDonald’s wants to reach net-zero emissions by 2050.


By Market Line, Verdict Food Service (UK)

08 Oct 2021


McDonald’s announced it wants to achieve net-zero emissions globally by 2050.


McDonald’s, which currently operates around 1,400 restaurants in the UK, announced it will open its first ‘net-zero’ restaurant in Shropshire, UK, in November 2021. This is as part of its ambitious Plan for Change programme, aiming to cut greenhouse gas emissions across its restaurants, offices, and supply chains in the UK and Ireland by 2040.


The new UK restaurant will be the blueprint for all McDonald’s new-build branches, supporting the company’s target to revamp everything, from the beef in its burgers to furniture in restaurants. Several sustainability-oriented improvements will be introduced in four key areas: planet, people, restaurants and food.


The new blueprint venue will be stocked with vegan plant-based food, and customer packaging will be compostable and made from renewable, recycled or certified sources. From 2023, all new furniture in McDonald’s sites will be made with recycled or certified materials and designed to be recycled or reused when no longer needed.


McDonald’s UK and Ireland has already made changes to improve its sustainability metrics, including...


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