Lawmakers shrug at Grassley call for livestock reform


By Chuck Abbott, Successful Farming - 10/8/2021


 Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley urged reauthorization of mandatory price reporting, telling the House Agriculture Committee on Thursday that it is the ideal vehicle for ensuring cattle producers get a fair price from meatpackers. But few committee members got on board with the idea, preferring to switch topics and complain that the USDA’s proposals for fair play in the marketplace would boomerang and mean lower sale prices.


Ranch and farm groups have complained throughout the pandemic that beef prices in the grocery store have not translated into stronger prices for slaughter cattle. The National Farmers Union said in July that Congress and federal regulators needed to intervene to assure meatpackers offer producers a fair price or, “if need be, bust them up.” Four packers dominate beef processing.


During a rare moment — a senator testifying at a House hearing — Grassley said, “It is now time for Congress to do our part” and enact “real reform” in the cattle market...


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