Eyes Wide Shut


By: Bill O'Reilly, billoreilly.com 

October 10, 2021


Perhaps the most incompetent president in American history arrived in Chicago last week to encourage Windy City residents to vax up.  Joe Biden was on a mission to save lives, he said.  He was looking out for the folks.  He is the Covid slayer.


Long-time Chicago journalist John Kass was outraged as Biden met with Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Illinois Governor J. B. Pritzker.  Obsessed with the vaccine, the President failed to address the slaughter of primarily black people on the streets of Chicago.  The violence has been going on for years and the Democratic machine that controls the city doesn't care if young black children become homicide stats as 7-year-old Serenity Broughton did a few weeks ago.  Serenity and her six-year-old sister, Aubrey, were sitting in their parent's car when the bullets suddenly came. Aubrey was shot in the chest but survived.


Joe Biden most likely doesn't know about the little girls and, based upon his rhetoric and actions, couldn't care less.  What he SHOULD know is that Democrat prosecutors in the nation's three largest cities, New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago, routinely drop felony charges against violent individuals.  Ask any cop in those towns. The law enforcement strategy embraced by the progressive movement is directly leading to thousands of violent deaths across this country.


So, where is President Biden on the issue? Nowhere, that's where.  He's too busy calling his own country a racist place to actually deal with real racism: the horrendous murder toll among African-Americans.


Joe Biden doesn't have to think about that safe in his Rehoboth Beach enclave.  He can't see the drug gangs wielding weapons from his cloister inside the White House. In fact, Mr. Biden is totally blind on just about every serious problem the nation faces.


He's not alone.  Governor Pritzker, a corpulent poser with a bad dye job, has run Illinois into the ground.  This year alone, 185 people have been shot driving on Chicago Expressways.  But Pritzker is safe; he has a state police escort.


Biden and his band of progressive deconstructionists are gravely harming all Americans.  The collapse of public safety on the streets and at the border is obvious if you want to look.


But Joe Biden doesn't want to look. He is too busy doing what his far-left handlers tell him to do - too befuddled to actually run the country in an effective way.


He is truly a man with his eyes wide shut.


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We All Know Biden Is Not in Charge; So, Who Is Really Running the Country? The Answer Will Shock You


Wayne Allyn Root, Opinion, Townhall 

Oct 09, 2021


The opinions expressed by columnists are their own and do not necessarily represent the views of Townhall.com.


I've given dozens of speeches across America in the past month -- in front of conservative crowds, business leaders, patriots and Christians. I've told all of them my opinion that President Joe Biden is a brain-dead zombie puppet, incapable of knowing the difference between his wife and sister. I'm certain his wife Jill feeds him baby food in the White House basement -- in a mask.


He should be in a 24/7 care nursing home, not the presidency.


He should be wearing a sign around his neck saying, "Hi, I'm Joe. If I get lost, please call my mommy Jill to come get me at 800-WHITE-HOUSE."


Biden is not running America. Check out poor Joe's press conferences. As soon as his empty mind starts to wander, or the press asks him any question more difficult than, "What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?" someone cuts off his microphone. Who? Who makes that decision? Who gives that order?


Find that guy or group. Because they are clearly more powerful than the president of the United States. That guy or group is running our country.


Joe doesn't know what he's saying. He doesn't know what he's signing. He's a puppet. He's a wooden dummy.


But the real question is: Who is the ventriloquist?


This is clearly a communist takeover of the United States. Who is carrying it out? Who is the real power behind the throne? Who is speaking and moving the lips when Biden's mouth opens?


Here is my answer. I believe these are the three evil groups running the show.


No. 1: Former President Barack Obama is back for his third term, to finish the job he started -- the destruction of America, American exceptionalism, capitalism and the great American middle class.


No. 2: But make no mistake, Obama isn't the boss, either. Evil billionaire George Soros is giving Obama his marching orders. In the end, money talks. Soros has all the money in the world, along with a burning passion to destroy America. Obama takes his marching orders from Soros. Obama is Soros' little b---.


Then we come to the real power behind the throne. The boss of bosses. The capo di tutti. China and the Chinese Communist Party. Everyone is taking orders from China and the CCP. China bribes all the politicians in America and around the world with billions in offshore bank accounts. China owns Biden and his family. China owns virtually the entire leadership of the Democratic Party -- and quite a few establishment RINO Republicans, too.


It's easy to see China is the top dog. You'd have to be blind, deaf or really dumb to not see that. Everything happening in Biden's first 10 months in office just happens to weaken and divide America while benefiting China:


Open borders -- Biden is inviting millions of poverty-stricken, diseased refugees into our country; COVID-19 lockdowns; mask mandates; vaccine mandates; massive inflation; the highest energy prices in years; massive job losses (see Friday's jobs report disaster); the idiotic, disgraceful withdrawal from Afghanistan; massive welfare payments to Americans for not working; bankrupting America with obscene spending plans; raising the debt ceiling; proposed tax rates higher than communist China; using the FBI, Justice Department, mainstream media and social media to dispense propaganda and oppress, ban and censor opposing viewpoints; rooting patriots and warriors out of the military and replacing them with brainwashed communists and transgender people; defunding the police; brainwashing our children with critical race theory; and using the FBI to arrest and intimidate parents speaking out at local school board meetings.


We are being hit from a thousand directions. It's all about weakening and destroying America while giving the advantage to China and the CCP.


And it's all right out of the communist playbook -- a combination of the Cloward-Piven strategy I learned at Columbia University (alongside my classmate Obama) and "Rules for Radicals," written by Saul Alinsky and dedicated to Lucifer (the devil).


I explain this evil conspiracy in detail in my new national No. 1 bestseller, "The Great Patriot Protest & Boycott Book."


But what matters now is how we respond. I believe the only answer is to fight fire with fire. No more playing nice. No more turning the other cheek.


In my new book, I make the case for why we must model Martin Luther King Jr. It's time for protests, boycotts, strikes, intimidation and civil disobedience. No more Silent Majority. We must become the LOUD, in-your-face majority. We must become battle-hardened warriors.


We are fighting a conspiracy involving three of the most powerful evil entities in America's history -- Obama, Soros and the Chinese Communist Party. We must fight like our lives and freedom depend on it ...


Because they do.


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