Kabul airport bomber who killed U.S. troops was released from Bagram prison before deadly attack

Intelligence sources confirmed that the suicide bomber had been set free by the Taliban.


By Susan Katz Keating, Just The News

October 6, 2021


The suicide bomber who killed 13 U.S. servicemembers and scores of Afghans outside Kabul airport was set free from prison at Bagram Air Base shortly before the deadly August bombing, intelligence officials confirmed.


The bomber, identified by ISIS-K as Abdul Rehman Al-Loghri, walked out of the prison on Aug. 15, after the U.S. military relinquished control of the sprawling Bagram base, according to multiple sources. The bombing occurred the following week, on Aug. 26, as crowds of people surrounded the airport.


The jihadist was among those who were set free from Bagram prison when Taliban forces took over Afghanistan, two U.S. intelligence sources told Just the News.


Other news outlets also have reported that Al-Loghri was released from the prison.


The White House on Wednesday deflected questions...


... Prior to being freed by the Taliban, Al-Loghri had been held for four years at the high-security facility, according to an India-based news outlet...