Hog farmers feeding America, world


Michael Lamb, Marshall Independent (MN)

Oct 7, 2021


October is traditionally National Pork Month. For this year’s pork edition, the Independent reached out to Pork Board President Brad Hennen to give our readers a snapshot of the hog producing situation in not only in southwest Minnesota, but the rest of the state, the nation and the world. Not only did Hennen offer good information, but he also wanted to remind readers that the vast majority of hog farmers love what they do.


“It’s always a pleasure to know you’re feeding people,” Hennen said. “We feel very positive, very honored to be able to say that we provide a nutritious, wholesome product that tastes good. One of the wonderful things about our industry is that we provide a source of protein that present itself in different ways that people want. If you don’t want bacon, you’re obviously in the small minority of people, but there are a lot of other things out there that people find very, very tasty. There’s ribs, there’s sausage, there’s ham, there’s pork loin, there’s roast, there’s pulled pork. All of that comes from the same animal.”


Hennen encourages...