EXCLUSIVE: How Biden's Soviet-born currency comptroller pick Saule Omarova was 'born in a YURT' and went on to become leader in the Young Communists: Friend claims she STILL owes her money for giving up her university dorm room


         Saule Omarova is President Joe Biden's Soviet-born pick to be Comptroller of the Currency

         She was born in a yurt in Kazakhstan, grew up on a street named after Lenin and was a Komsomol member

         Omarova studied 'scientific communism' for her first degree at Moscow State University, a subject dedicated to perfecting the revolution of Marxist-Leninism

         The Cornell Law professor came to the U.S. in 1991 for a month, but stayed after the Soviet Union's collapse

         Republican Senator Pat Toomey has asked her to send over her thesis: 'Karl Marx's Economic Analysis and the Theory of Revolution in The Capital'† before her nomination

         'She clearly has an aversion to anything like free market capitalism,' Toomey said

         A former friend says the passionate communist who made her way in capitalist America owes her around $50


By Will Stewart In Moscow and Morgan Phillips For Dailymail.Com (UK)

7 October 2021


Joe Biden's pick for Comptroller of the Currency Saule Omarova was an ardent Young Communist who was 'born in a yurt' - a traditional tent in the Kazakhstan steppe - who fled the Soviet Union for America and allegedly left behind an unpaid debt to a friend at Moscow State University.


An exclusive new picture shows tango-dancing Omarova, 54, as a student at the prestigious Russian educational institution alongside a crowd of classmates and teachers in the Gorbachev era of 1988 after her childhood where she grew up as head of her local Komsomol.


At university, she wrote the thesis: Karl Marx's Economic Analysis and the Theory of Revolution in The Capital. She now appears to have wiped it from her resume and top Senate Republicans want her to hand it over for her confirmation hearings to head the regulatory agency overseeing the country's largest banks.


Her past academic work advocating for moving Americans' financial accounts from private banks to the Federal Reserve and for forcing banks to lose leverage on federal subsidies by becoming 'non-depository lenders' has drawn a fierce response from the GOP and the banking community.


American Banking Association CEO Rob Nichols told DailyMail.com: ' We have serious concerns about her ideas for fundamentally restructuring the nationís banking system which remains the most diverse and competitive in the world. Her proposals to effectively nationalize Americaís community banks, end regulatory tailoring based on risk and eliminate the dual banking system are particularly troubling.'


Now, DailyMail.com can reveal more about her childhood in the USSR that includes growing up on a street named after Vladimir Lenin, taking on a scholarship in his name and getting involved in an alleged spat with a roommate over $50.


Among her friends in the glasnost USSR was Olga Cassidy...