Vilsack Satisfied, Grassley Not, on USTR China Trade Strategy


By Julie Harker, Brownfield

October 5, 2021


Ag Secretary Vilsack supports Trade Ambassador Tais new approach to China over the phase one trade deal.


He says China has met 50 of the 57 key agreements in the deal with those seven important areas unfulfilled, Not the least of which is biotechnology trait approvals, just as an example. So, obviously, Ambassador Tai should press the Chinese on fulfilling their responsibilities in that key area.


Vilsack says on the purchase side, while its true that the Chinese obviously have made significant purchases recently, now just getting back and perhaps just a bit above where they were prior to the trade war, the reality is theyre still about $5-Billion dollars short of the amount of purchasing under phase one that they agreed to make and that, I think, is important that we continue to press the Chinese for compliance with phase 1. If you reach an agreement we want to make sure there is performance behind that agreement.


Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley told reporters today hes disappointed the Biden administration strategy does not include pursuing a phase 2 agreement to address trade barriers, It seems like the Biden administration, then without pursuing phase 2, is throwing in the towel. I hope I am proven wrong.


Grassley further told Brownfield Ag News, Im not satisfied that China is currently at 89 percent of their targeted commitment. Still, the year is not over...