How bad has mortality been in finish closeouts?

Finishing mortality closeouts in 2021 have statistically been the worst year over the last ten years.


Bradley Eckberg, MetaFarms

via National Hog Farmer - Oct 06, 2021


Has porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS) really been that bad? Each year PRRS gets introduced into every productive phase, with the heaviest impact on mortality in younger pigs. But what does the impact look like for finishing pigs? The latest and most widely talked about PRRS breaks, identified as the 144 Lineage 1C, has been touted as the most challenging and costly of any previous strain. In this month’s article, an analytic analysis will be done by looking at various mortality analytic comparisons spanning across multiple years for finishing group closeouts between the months of January through August...


... 2021 finishing mortality closeouts have statistically been the worst year over the last ten years. The cause could be attributed to many different things, but it mainly must be attributed to PRRS, specifically the 144 Linage 1C strain.


The severity and longevity of this past year’s PRRS season has baffled everyone in the pork industry.  Closeout performance also indicated lower growth rates, poorer feed conversion and along with a higher feed cost per pound gain...


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