How to prepare for supply chain disruptions

Use this checklist to stockpile essentials and be ready for supply chain disruptions in food and agriculture.


Amanda Radke, BEEF Magazine

Oct 04, 2021


I donít mean to be an alarmist, but it appears we are heading for some troubling times ahead, and itís time for producers to prepare accordingly.


Labor shortages. Rolling blackouts. Ports overflowing with ships unable to dock and unload. Fuel prices rising. Food prices skyrocketing. Inflation taking off again. Power outages in China. Vaccine mandates pushing employees out of jobs leading to greater labor shortages. Parts for equipment on major backorder. New regulations. Increased taxes. Government overreach. Lockdowns. Mandates.


The list of potential supply chain disruptions continues to grow, and it doesnít take a rocket scientist to see we arenít out of the woodworks when it comes to pandemic-related outages, shortages, malfunctions, and chaos.


Back at home on the ranch, these problems may seem obscure and beyond your day-to-day worries; however, our just-in-time manufacturing and delivery systems have some major vulnerabilities that can and will impact consumers, retailers, packers, feeders, stockers, and cow-calf producers alike.


While some shortages and supply chain delays may just be minor inconveniences, others could become catastrophic depending on your circumstances.


So what can you do...