Impossible™ Pork is giving away bento boxes to mark its debut in Hong Kong

100 Impossible™ Pork bento boxes will given out daily at Tong Chong Street Market. Only until 8 October!


Lorria Sahmet, Lifestyle Asia

05 Oct 2021


If you’ve were around the Quarry Bay district yesterday, you might have noticed an unusually long lunchtime queue huddling around a bright pink truck at the end of Tong Chong Street Market. It’s the Impossible™ Pork food-truck! And marks the arrival of Impossible Food‘s latest meat alternative, Impossible™ Pork Made From Plants, in Hong Kong –– first served at David Chang’s Momofuku Ssäm Bar in New York as a saucy pork ragu spicy rice cakes last month.


Here in Hong Kong, the launch kicks off with an exciting week-long giveaway of bento boxes packed with bite-sized samplings of Impossible™ Pork dishes from partnering venues. Monday (4 October) saw a dim sum theme and featured a tasty Impossible™ Pork vegetable bun from Tim Ho Wan. Tuesday (5 October), Classic Chinese with dishes like Impossible™ char siu rice and suckling pig. It’ll continue with a South East Asian theme on Wednesday (6 October) with Impossible™ Pork basil tacos and Impossible™ Pork satays; Japanese and Taiwanese specials on Thursday (7 October), before ending on Friday (8 October) for East Meets West bites. It has said to sell-out by 12pm, so set a timer on your phone and make a swift, hasty exit out of the office to beat the eager crowds.


Should you be wondering to make your own comparison of the new Impossible™ Pork’s taste and texture –– which is said to be virtually the exact replica with a mild, umami savouriness, but successfully saving over 85 percent water, 82 percent land with 73 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions –– there are currently 40 restaurants that has crafted their own take on the pork alternative, some even with a revamped version of go-to favourites. Peel Street newcomer Awa Awa remakes its notable Taco Bowl, Cô Thành makes an Impossible™ Pork Bánh Cuốn (steamed rice rolls), Dumpling Yuan puts in place a weekly rotation of Impossible™ Pork dumplings, Sake Central makes a Impossible™ Pork Katsu Sando, while Potato Head will fire up its own Impossible™ Pork satays. Locally, there will also be Impossible™ Pork dim sum specials at Tim Ho Wan and hawker-style serves –– Impossible™ Pork ma po tofu –– from Tung Po.


Here’s a list of locations also serving Impossible™ Pork: