FoodTech: Everything you need to know about the industry that transforms our food

We tell you about this emerging and dynamic sector dedicated to transforming the food industry into a more modern ecosystem.


By Estefanía Ustarroz Wood, Oficina Comercial de Israel en México

via Entrepreneur - Oct 4, 2021  


In recent years the world population has changed its perspective on food; looking for healthier trends, focusing on what you eat and being more and more conscious about your consumption. As a result of this interest in improving nutrition and promoting healthier eating habits, what is known today as FoodTech has emerged . An emerging and dynamic sector dedicated to transforming the food industry into a more modern, sustainable and efficient ecosystem in all its stages, ranging from food processing to distribution and consumption.


As its name indicates, FoodTech is a sector which involves technology; as well as research and development (R&D) projects to create new solutions in the industry that face contemporary challenges such as population growth and its repercussions on food security, the digitization of society, the effects of climate change, scarcity of natural resources, food waste and the environmental impact of food production.


 In the context of the above, it should be noted that Israel is home to one of the most vibrant and advanced food technology ecosystems in the world, making it a desirable hub for innovation. It is recognized worldwide for being the country that invests the most in R&D, allocating around 4.3%. Similarly, it has more than 1000 startups active in AgriFood and FoodTech.


Behind the excellence of the Israeli FoodTech ecosystem worldwide are unique characteristics that distinguish its success story. In the first instance, the history of food and water shortages in the country created a demand for ingenuity and innovation in agriculture; thus promoting the formation of advanced scientific and technological knowledge that would allow achieving food security in the population. Second, Israel is home to some of the world's first academic technology transfer companies, with a strong connection between the academic and business sectors.


An essential factor for the development of disruptive solutions is the support that entrepreneurs receive from the government and the education that is instilled in them. Although, the population is not afraid to take risks and make their projects and ideas come true; since failure is seen as another step towards success and learning...


The rise of FoodTech during the pandemic ...  


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