Surging farmland prices squeeze locals of profitability and hopefuls of ownership


         High land prices are squeezing established local farmers and young families out of ownership

         The logic of "get big or get out" rules the economics of Australian agriculture

         Young hopeful farmers still see a pathway to ownership


By Angus Mackintosh, ABC Rural (Australia)

Oct 5, 2021


When the Blake family tried to expand their 1,000-hectare farm to stay viable, the century-old Katanning farming family could not secure a lease or an affordable block to buy.


Instead, in March, and in a moment they never thought they would have to face, the sale of their farm was settled.


Kallum Blake's family sold their home and farm, located 285 kilometres south-east of Perth, to an offer "30 to 40 per cent higher" than they thought the property was worth.


But even at such a significant premium, the sale was bittersweet...


A lease on farming ...


Farmland boom ...


'If you're not getting bigger, you're getting out' ...


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